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Time Flight Origin Status
10:10TP 1828TerceiraEstimated10:20
10:45UX 1153MadridEstimated10:25
10:50LX 2086ZurichEstimated10:20
10:55KL 1693AmsterdamEstimated10:35
11:00S4 120Ponta DelgadaEstimated10:40
Time Flight Destination Status
10:25TS 581Montreal, TrudeauFinal Call
10:30TP 754CopenhagenFinal Call
10:50EC 7687Basel
10:55FR 2623Ponta Delgada
10:55TK 1756Istanbul

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MyWay assistance service includes mechanical mobility facilitators and professionals who will provide you with full assistance and comfort during your passage through the airport.

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Your rights as an air passenger are protected by the European Union, we present a summary of the situations in which you are protected, so that, in case of need, you know what to do.

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